Threat Prevention Service

Our Threat Prevention Service works with you to protect your company's assets then develop solutions to meet your budget and needs.


Protect Your Data
Configure and Validate Versioned, Frequent Backups to Allow Quick Recovery Should Ransomware Strike


Threat Deception
Block Attacks with Speed and Accuracy Before Attackers Gain a Foothold
Replay Capability Allows You to Only Remediate Affected Assets 


Security Audit
Audit of Company's Assets, Infrastructure, & Security Posture vs. Goals.
Security Operation Plan
Developed to Meet Your Budget, Timelines, & Needs.


All REVIEW Tier Services
Security Audit
Security Operation Plan
Reporting Suite
Reports Occur Based on a Threshold Set to Agree with Your Budget – from Weekly to Real Time. Reporting Suite Includes:
Risk Report - 
Events That Require Mitigation or Remediation 

Noise Filter Report - 
Advises on False Positives & Irrelevant Information Events
Event Research
A Complete Review of All Your Logs & Alerts.
Toolset Configuration
Identify & Configure or Install Logging, Network & System Monitoring, Event Correlation (SIEM), and Alerts.


All REVIEW & REACT Tier Services
Security Audit
Security Operation Plan
Reporting Suite
Event Research
Toolset Configuration
24/7 Priority Mitigation & Remediation Service
We Immediately Assess and React to Security Events as They Happen. Afterwards We Provide Post-Operation Reporting & Recommendations.
Approval Chain & Escalation Planning
We Will Work with You to Develop Operating Procedures Tailored to Your Business.

Information Security Awareness

Simple Cyber LLC is a Proud Partner of
Our Partnership Allows Us to Offer Affordable, Interactive, Measurable Information Security Awareness Training to Your Organization.
Wizer TrainingWizer Partner

Why Invest in Cyber Security?

61% of [data] breach victims in 2017 were businesses with under 1,000 employees.
41% of companies have over 1,000 sensitive files including credit card numbers 
and health records left unprotected. 
Ransomware attacks are growing more than 350% annually.
The most expensive component of a cyber attack is information loss, which 
represents 43% of costs.

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